There has never been a better time to take advantage of our Cloud Based Phone Solution!

Free migration and number porting

Seamless installation and dedicated UK based support team

Average cost of £6 per user per month including all UK calls

No phones lines required

, CRM, and other database integration

Audio and video conferencing and webinar features

integration available

No lengthy contracts with terms to suit you

Fast migration with no interruption to your business

  and apps for working from anywhere

Digital Receptionist, call recording, reports and many other features

With 20 years IT experience, we have based our company on integrity and longevity from a high level of customer service

If you’re looking to move to Voice over IP, or looking to improve on your current phone setup or costs, you have come to the right place! We will not be beaten on price or quality - contact us for more details.

We don’t compromise on quality

There’s no denying that early VoIP* implementations had the same sort of issues as seen on mobile phones with a poor signal.  The technology has moved on though, and we have the expertise to avoid this and ensure that your VoIP* solution has the same or better voice quality than traditional landline-based phone systems.

Beyond the cost savings, there are so many other reasons to swap to our solution:

  • Your office without limits, access your extensions from anywhere with a single virtual office
  • Ease of management, we provide this as a managed service and you can also administer it yourself as required
  • Unified communications, integrating your phone calls with your email and other communications
  • Easy to setup Digital Receptionist
  • Complete visibility of all of your call statistics
  • Manage your incoming or outgoing phone numbers, block nuisance callers quickly and easily yourself, also manage the numbers or countries your staff are able to call
  • Call recording facilities
  • Web and video conferencing
  • Colleague presence information
  • Centralised company phone books and contact information
  • CRM integration
  • Softphone, access your extension from your laptop or smart phone
  • Resilience, go cloud based and know that even if your main premises is offline, your calls will be answered, messages taken or calls forwarded as required
  • Hosted solution means no physical appliance at your office

What's your Number?

You don’t even have to change your number to move to VoIP*. Regardless of your current provider we can port your existing number(s) to a preferred VoIP* partner for you, seamlessly and without any downtime. There’s no need for a physical landline per number anymore so no more line rental costs!

We can also source any geographic, non-geographic, or international numbers for you regardless of your location, and you can have as many as you like. There is just a very low monthly charge per number.

Phone Options

We can offer a multitude of telephone options to suit your needs and budget:


A free integrated client for Windows, MacOS and Android/iOS smart phones, the 3cx softphone allows you to easily manage calls from your desktop computer, on the go from your laptop, or out and about from your mobile.


Traditional handsets range from entry level phones starting at £50 each, to mid-range elegant phones with colour displays, to ultra-elegant phones with large colour display and integrated webcam for video conferencing.

Cordless and Conference

There are also a wide range of DECT** cordless headsets or handsets available, and meeting room options from simple USB plugins to fully featured conference phones.

Already on VoIP?

Even if you’re already on a Voice over IP solution, we can move you on to our platform without any fuss.  From there we’ll give you all the brilliant functionality our solution has to offer and start saving you money without any compromise – what more could you ask for?

If you’re in contract, please still get in touch and we’ll be happy to look at options for you.

* Voice over Internet Protocol: a methodology and group of technologies to deliver voice communications over the Internet
** Digital European/Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications: a standard primarily used for creating cordless telephone systems